December 2, 2014 For Immediate Release
(Knoxville, TN)-Aquarium Life Support Systems, has announced the introduction of a unique new reef nutrition product, “AquaLife Reef Café.” The Reef Café is the industry’s first customizable system for meeting the nutritional requirements of a wide range of marine life, from fish to corals. Instead of producing a one-size-fits-all reef nutrition product, AquaLife has created a four-part system that aquarists can combine in various ways to create a personalized nutrition source for their specific aquarium design.

AquaLife Reef Café is a totally new scientific approach to reef aquarium nutrition. The complete Reef Café nutritional program consists of four components:

Reef Café Brew Base-A solution of inorganic ions, micronutrients and stabilizers used for mixing and dispensing the other three components.

Reef Café Zoo-ka Moka—A zooplankton component consisting of whole freeze dried copepods and processed copepod products in concentrated form in a shelf-stable liquid. This component is a rich source of astaxanthin, which helps maintain vibrant coloration in reef fish.
Reef Café Phyto-Frappe— A concentrated, shelf-stable phytoplankton component including whole cells and cell fragments of Spirulina and Chlorella algae, both carefully cultured and processed to retain maximum nutritional value. Providing complex protein and phytochemicals, this component also supplies omega-3 fatty acids and a full spectrum of vitamins.
Reef Café Amino Shot—A shelf-stable concentrate formulated from four purified L-amino acids known to be preferentially absorbed by corals. Fortified with vitamin C and sugars, Amino Shot helps maintain coral coloration, enhances tissue regeneration and aids in the metabolic elimination of phosphate and nitrate from the aquarium.

Another essential Reef Café component is the convenient, re-fillable dispensing bottle, with room on the label for the aquarist’s name, or other customized information. Each bottle of AquaLife Reef Café can be individually formulated. For example, if the aquarium contains primarily soft corals that feed preferentially on phytoplankton, the Reef Café recipe might add a double dose of Phyto-Frappe, and little or no Zoo-ka Moka. AquaLife provides suggested recipes as starting points. Dealers and customers are invited to experiment with the components to develop tank specific recipes to meet individual needs.

Dealers will like the colorful point-of-sale display, with room for all components and supplies. Stock bottles are fitted with pumps (you’ve seen similar ones on ketchup bottles at fast food outlets), for fast, easy dispensing with no mess.
Formulated from pure, all-natural ingredients, the AquaLife Reef Café system is available exclusively from participating dealers.