CS Pro Flake Calanus and Spirulina Food

CS Pro Flake Calanus & Spirulina Food 1oz

Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems

Aquarium Life Support Systems continues to offer the highest quality, scientifically formulated products at price points reflecting true value. Our CS PRO Calanus Spirulina Flake fish food is no exception. Formulated from the best ingredients, and fortified with vitamins and probiotics, CS PRO , this new flake food offers a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids [eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)] together with astaxanthin, for healthy growth and maximum coloration. Plus, every batch is packed with a triple dose of immune-boosting vitamins.

Omega 3s

Recent understanding of the role played by omega-3 fatty acids in the vertebrate diet reveals a plethora of beneficial effects, including development of the nervous system and suppression of inflammation. While fish are themselves the main source of these beneficial fatty acids in the human diet, like us fish are unable to synthesize these compounds and must obtain them from dietary sources, primarily algae and phytoplankton. In captivity, fish are typically unable to obtain sufficient algae and phytoplankton and should therefore receive a nutritionally complete formulated diet such as CS PRO.

Biotin and other vitamins

Biotin plays a crucial role in fish energy metabolism, while vitamins A, D-3 and C are essential for a variety of physiological processes within animal cells.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has long been recognized as crucial in the diet of all vertebrates. It helps support immune function, along with numerous other physiological roles. Calanus Spirulina Flake supplies a triple dose of stabilized vitamin C.


Methionine is added to help balance the amino acid content of plant-derived proteins, to provide a nutritionally complete diet containing all essential amino acids.

Ideal for Finicky Species

With its high levels of immune-supporting and growth promoting ingredients, CS PRO supplies an ideal diet for finicky species that are transitioning from live to prepared foods.

Best results with CS PRO Flake will be obtained when the aquarium is maintained according to commonly accepted standards of water quality, space, lighting and water movement appropriate to the species housed in the tank. CS PRO Flake can be used in combination with any other aquarium supplement or additive.

Key Features

• All-in-one formulation: complete nutrition, omega-3s, and vitamins
• Great for all fish, both freshwater and saltwater
• Rich in color-enhancing astaxanthin
• Scientifically formulated in line with the latest research
• Highly digestible, all-natural ingredients with NO preservatives
• Will not cloud water
• Available in three convenient packages
• Competitive pricing with good margin for brick and mortar dealers

All AquaLife foods are manufactured from superior quality, highly digestible proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that mimic the natural diets of aquarium fish. Our nutritionally complete diets are carefully formulated and blended to yield optimal nutrient conversion rates for maximum energy, vigorous growth and sustained health.

Ingredients: salmon fish meal, gluten flour, soy flour, brewer’s yeast, cornstarch, dried spirulina algae, freeze dried plankton, freeze dried krill, dried kelp, [freeze dried Calanus], fish oil, lecithin, garlic powder, earthworm powder, vitamin A, vitamin D-3, biotin, methionine, double-stabilized vitamin C. NOTE: Contains all natural ingredients, no preservatives, trace amounts of food grade coloring.

Min. Crude Protein 45%
Min. Crude Fat 4%
Min. Crude Fiber 3 %
Max. Moisture 8%

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