aquaLife Andisol Aquascaping Substrate

Introducing Andisol by aquaLife –
a revolutionary substrate for your aquatic haven. aquaLife Andisol, derived from volcanic ash in Japan, offers the perfect foundation for a thriving planted aquarium. Immerse yourself in the world of underwater beauty with a substrate that nurtures aquatic plants and balances water conditions for your freshwater companions.

Indulge in the art of aquarium keeping with aquaLife Andisol’s remarkable properties. This andisol-based substrate ensures optimal pH levels and purity, creating an environment conducive to freshwater dwarf shrimp, tropical fish, and lush vegetation. Bid farewell to “new tank syndrome” and unwelcome algae growth – aquaLife keeps ammonia levels in check, eliminating the need for constant water changes during the critical initial weeks.

Choose aquaLife in your preferred color: Classic Black (course 5mm or fine 3 mm) or Earthy Brown (Course 5mm). With bag sizes of 1L and 3L, you have the flexibility to suit your aquarium’s dimensions. No more hassle – aquaLife Andisol doesn’t require rinsing, and its granules provide an excellent anchor for plant roots.

For the best results, please follow our simple guide: Add aquaLife Andisol to your empty aquarium before slowly introducing water, using a dish to minimize substrate disturbance. To calculate your required amount, use this formula: Length x Width x Desired Substrate Height (in inches) divided by 60 equals Liters of aquaLife Andisol needed.

aquaLife Andisol thrives in harmony with aquaLife Lush, Phyto-Tone, and Evoke aquatic plant fertilizers, enhancing your planted tank’s vitality.

Elevate your aquatic experience with aquaLife Andisol from Aquarium Life Support Systems. Discover the magic of a flourishing planted aquarium today.

aquaLife Japanese soil has been carefully sourced from the best Andisols known. These rich young Volcanic soils are known to support the densest plant growth in the world and are one the rarest soils on earth. aquaLife Botanists have tested and refined the process for creating a clean, pest-free, iconic soil for aquatic plants. It is the perfect size soil granules to help plants with small roots anchor into the substrate easier, helping prevent plants from floating when aquariums are filled.

Tanks can be planted immediately. Check ammonia after 24 hours before adding shrimp or livestock. Use Activate and aquaLife Base for faster cycling, help prevent algae and optimum plant growth. When performing water changes, do not stir up gravel. When adding water, do it slowly and use a colander, dish, or device to prevent soil from being disrupted.

Use with aquaLife Lush, Phyto-Tone, and Evoke for optimum long-term results.

Not for use in saltwater aquariums.

Perfect as the top coat or when used alone.

It can be used as a base coat and top coated with decorative substrates such as aquaLife Black Pearl.

Use aquaLife Biomatrix as the base layer are for added beneficial biological activity, increased slow-release trace elements, and added plant growth.

Length x Width x Desired Substrate Height (in inches)
Divided by 60 = approximate Liters of soil needed

Always make sure tanks are fully cycled before adding fish or invertebrates. Use aquaLife Activate to prevent sludge, algae, and water quality problems.

Black Fine (3mm), Black and Course (5mm) and
Brown Course (5mm
1-liter and 3-liter bags