About Us

AquaLife began out of a passion that grew after years of traveling to various parts of the world to explore fish and plant life. From a basic love for snorkeling, scuba diving, and exploration, the owner knew that he wanted to share a small portion of the beauty and vibrance of ocean and freshwater life with other people. The company was started in a garage 33 years ago, where they sold fish, while learning and testing what worked best in aquariums was continued. After finding that there were not any products on the market that worked as advertised, AquaLife decided to develop their own.

Since then, AquaLife has expanded from that small garage to a full staff with a lab, botanists, and biologists, including John Tullock of the University of Tennessee, where we develop and produce our products. With freshwater and saltwater options, there is something for the most novice hobbyist to the expert. Products such as AquaLife Simple Science Reef Supplement System were developed after multiple tests. Simple Science was formulated to the specifications necessary to preserve the correct chemical balance in every saltwater aquarium. All AquaLife products have been tested to prove that they will work in your aquarium.

AquaLife was the first and largest manufacture of sumps and trickle filters, and had divisions in Germany, Greece, and England. Products are distributed through Aquarium Life Support Systems and are available on www.aqualifesupport.com and www.sevenports.com. Contact us if you would like to find a local dealer at 865-588-0108.