Platinum DC Slim Wave Pumps

Superior Performance & Reliability to Match


Energy Saving

Variable Wave Making

High Flow Rate

For Fresh & Salt Water

Easy to Disassemble

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Platinum DC Slim Wave 1600 Pump – 1579 gph

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Platinum DC Slim Wave 2600 Pump – 2642 gph

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Platinum DC Slim Wave 5200 Pump – 5263 gph

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Platinum DC Slim Wave 8000 Pump – 7894 gph

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Small, Beautiful, & Powerful

Full Controllability

with Built-In Safety Shut Offs and With a Fault Indicator to Facilitate Troubleshooting


Equipped with 5-Prop Impeller

for Slim Design & High Flow

Designed to enhance coral growth and feeding

Helps aeration and removal of fish waste

Improves aquascaping

Best in Class Size-to-Flow Ratio

Slim Wave is Easy to Hide & Does Not Distract From Aquascaping

Warranty Included

Come with a 5 year Warranty on the Pump Motor and a 3 Year Warranty on the Power Adapter

Updated Sine Wave Technology

for Super Quiet Operation

10dB Flower Blossom
19dB Slim Wave Pump
20-40dB Tick-Tock Clock
50dB Flipbook
60-80dB Vacuum Cleaner
90dB Car Horns

Product Specifications

Slim 1600

Model Slim 1600
Voltage DC12V
Flow Rate 1579gph
Max Power 14W
Min Power 3W
Size 1.9″ x 1.9″ x 2.1″

Slim 2600

Model Slim 2600
Voltage DC24V
Flow Rate 2642gph
Max Power 20W
Min Power 6W
Size 2.4” x 2.4” x 2.6”

Slim 5200

Model Slim 5200
Voltage DC24V
Flow Rate 5263gph
Max Power 40W
Min Power 6W
Size 2.9” x 2.9” x 3.2”

Slim 8000

Model Slim 8000
Voltage DC24V
Flow Rate 7894gph
Max Power 70W
Min Power 10W
Size 4.1” x 4.1” x 4.1”

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Turbine-shaped protection net helps prevent foreign matter from entering pump

5-Prop pump head for strong and reliable flow

Strong, magnetic base with suction cups make the pump body more stable and quiet

S = Time/Mode Setting

F = Feeding

M = Move Button

+ = Increase Button

Model Slim 1600 Slim 2600
Pump Cord 80.1 inches 80.1 inches
Controller Cord 5 inches 5 inches
Plug Cord ——— 19.7 inches
UC Power Supply Cord
39 inches 59 inches
Model Slim 5200 Slim 8000
Pump Cord 98 inches 98 inches
Controller Cord 5 inches 5 inches
Plug Cord 47 inches 47 inches
UC Power Supply Cord
47 inches 47 inches

Additionally Includes Intake Screen *Not Shown

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