Ultimate Venturi for Sicce PSK600, PSK1000, and PSK1200 Skimmer Pumps Combo 90 Elbow 1/4″ x 1/4″ InsertxMIPT Black Poly Fitti


SKU: AL9001


This carefully machined black venturi will last a lifetime. It is carefully machined in the USA with precise standards to insure maximum air and water flow characteristics when used with the Sicce PSK600 or PSK1000 protein skimmer pumps. Unit simply slips on the front of the pump. This is the best design for a venturi on the market for these pumps.

There is a quanity break for 250 or more.

Combo 90 Elbow 1/4×1/4 InsertxMIPT Black Poly Fitting included