Preventing Mineral Deficiencies with AquaLife Plant Supplements

Preventing Mineral Deficiencies with AquaLife Plant Supplements

The AquaLife Plant Food Supplement line consists of ready-to-use products that are made to cater to the growth and sustainability of your aquarium plants. LUSH, EVOKE, and PHYTO-TONE, with proper use, lead to healthy plant life. When plants are ignored or the wrong products are used, it can lead to many things, including stunted growth, holes, yellow spots, and failure to thrive. By adding these supplements to your plant care lineup, you will be amazed at the results.

AquaLife EVOKE has been carefully formulated from the highest purity ingredients to deliver safe, reliable results in low-tech planted tanks. This product evokes the best performance from your planted aquarium by allowing plants access to a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide for luxurious growth, even in aquariums without a carbon dioxide injection system.

We developed PHYTO-TONE after months of research comparing various aquarium plant food products and their performance. AquaLife Phyto-Tone has been shown to be the best choice for maintaining a wide variety of freshwater plants for the long term.

LUSH is formulated to maximize plant growth and to provide nutrients for new tanks, as well as established, heavily-planted tanks. AquaLife LUSH concentrated freshwater plant food contains all the essential nutrients for your aquatic plants. Do not use with shrimp.

The best way to avoid nutrient deficiencies in your planted aquarium is to use AquaLife plant care products according to the label directions.