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aquaLife Andisol Aquascaping Substrate

Introducing Andisol by aquaLife –a revolutionary substrate for your aquatic haven. aquaLife Andisol, derived from volcanic ash in Japan, offers the perfect foundation for a thriving planted aquarium. Immerse yourself in the world of underwater beauty with a substrate that nurtures aquatic plants and balances water conditions for your freshwater companions. Indulge in the art […]

Reverse Osmosis – RO Filter Guide

The following Reverse Osmosis RO guide will cover everything needed to purchase, setup, troubleshoot, and implement RO in your aquascaping setup or saltwater reef aquarium. Why do you need an RO filter? Most natural tropical waters have a water hardness of GH 4-5. US water hardness differs from county to county in each state, but […]

PRESS RELEASE: Platinum Series DC Pumps are here!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 10, 2020 By John Tullock Knoxville, TN— introduces its Platinum Series low voltage DC aquarium pumps, with local company Aquarium Life Support Systems leading the national distribution network. Featuring technical advances not available in other product ranges, the Platinum Series includes both the “Slim Wave” and “Blue Series” pumps. The Platinum […]

Preventing Mineral Deficiencies with AquaLife Plant Supplements

Preventing Mineral Deficiencies with AquaLife Plant Supplements The AquaLife Plant Food Supplement line consists of ready-to-use products that are made to cater to the growth and sustainability of your aquarium plants. LUSH, EVOKE, and PHYTO-TONE, with proper use, lead to healthy plant life. When plants are ignored or the wrong products are used, it can […]

The Hidden Benefits of Almond Leaves

The Hidden Benefits of Almond Leaves Breeders in Southeast Asia noticed long ago that fish and shrimp that lived in waters next to any Terminalia Catappa tree, or the tropical Indian almond tree from the Leadwood tree family, were found to be healthier and more vibrant than their counterparts in other waters. Almond leaves have been […]

Fish Feeds and Nutrition Primer

Fish Feeds and Nutrition Primer John Tullock “Most fish farmers use complete diets, typically made up of the following components and percentage ranges: protein, 18-50 percent; lipids, 10-25 percent; carbohydrate, 15-20 percent; ash, <8.5 percent; phosphorus, <1.5 percent; water, <10 percent; and trace amounts of vitamins and minerals.”—Craig et al, 2017. Introduction The nutritional requirements […]

CS Pro Flake Calanus and Spirulina Food

CS Pro Flake Calanus & Spirulina Food 1oz Manufacturer: Aquarium Life Support Systems Aquarium Life Support Systems continues to offer the highest quality, scientifically formulated products at price points reflecting true value. Our CS PRO Calanus Spirulina Flake fish food is no exception. Formulated from the best ingredients, and fortified with vitamins and probiotics, CS […]


AQUARIUM LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS INTRODUCES “AquaLife REEF CAFÉ” December 2, 2014 For Immediate Release (Knoxville, TN)-Aquarium Life Support Systems, has announced the introduction of a unique new reef nutrition product, “AquaLife Reef Café.” The Reef Café is the industry’s first customizable system for meeting the nutritional requirements of a wide range of marine life, from […]